Audi Commercial: Vampire Party

Audi Commercial: Vampire Party

Audi and creative agency Venables Bell & Partners have made one of the favourite Super Bowl 2012 commercials entitled „Vampire Party“.

The video features a man driving a brand new Audi late at night. Suddenly, he grows a vampire teeth. He is going to the woods, where his friends – other vampires – are already having fun. When he arrives – everyone freezes in fair. And then one vampire after another vanishes in a smoke puff. Watch to figure out what had happened.

The video was part of the commercial campaign. The audience was invited to go to Facebook page to unlock the other part of the video.

Watch this ad and tell us if you liked it.


Agency Venables Bell & Partners
Executive Creative Director Paul Venables, Will McGinness
Creative Director Erich Pfeifer, Tyler Hampton, Lee Einhorn
Copywriter Ned Brown
Art Director Byron Del Rosario
Director Matthijs Van Heijningen
Production Company MJZ

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