Audi Commercial: Snap

Audi Commercial: Snap

Audi and BBH creative agency have launched this cool video entitled “Snap”.

The black and white video was shot in Iceland. The rough landscape beautifully highlights the very opposite Audi features – elegance and gracefulness. Video expresses the best technologies in a very stylish way. The vehicle does hundreds of decisions itself. It takes just a snap.

A6 has the rain sensors operating the wipers; headlights automatically switching on as it turns dark; lane assist technology guiding the vehicle within the boundaries of its lane; a thermal imaging night-vision system detecting pedestrians in the dark; auto dimming in the rear-view mirror when another vehicle’s headlights are detected and more other superb features.

Watch the stunning video and enjoy.


Advertising Agency: BBH, UK
Creative Directors: Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark
Creatives: Gary Arnold, Neil Ritchie
Producer: Matthew Towell
Team Manager: Melissa Moffit
Team Director: Simon Coles
Strategy Director: Neil Godber
Production Company: B-Reel
Director: Filip Tellander
Executive Producer: Philippa Allen
Producer: Ben Mann
DoP: Fredrik Bäckar
Post Production: The Mill
Editor / Editing House: Final Cut
Sound: Factory Studios

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