AT&T Commercials: It’s Not Complicated

AT&T Commercials: It’s Not Complicated

AT&T and advertising agency BBDO have released some new series from their campaign.

At first, it seems like the videos are very amusing. When asked some questions, the kids bravely use their imagination. Therefore, we get a bunch of creative and funny answers. However, the previous videos have caused a controversy in the audience. Some find a conspiracy and think that these ads are vulgar, as well as exploiting the innocence of these kids. We, however, do not find the campaign offensive at any level.

Watch the videos and say what you have to say.


Agency: BBDO, Atlanta, USA
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
Senior Creative Director: Grant Smith
Executive Creative Directors: Heather Gorman, Jeff Spillane
Art Directors: Roryi Odani
Copywriters: Jason Miller
Producer: Angela Narloch
Music Producer: Melissa Chester
Production Company: Caviar
Director: Jorma Taccone
Director of Photography: Brandon Trost
Editing: Lost Planet
Editor: Charlie Johnston
Editor: Paul Snyder
Visual Effects: Spontaneous
Producer: Bryce Edwards

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  1. Gloria at 7:18 AM

    I think the AT&T commercials are priceless. I laugh every time I see one. Wondered if the adult was an actor and if the kids are just kids.

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