Athenos Advertising Campaign “Yiayia Approved”

Athenos Advertising Campaign “Yiayia Approved”

Kraft Foods, the nation’s biggest foodmaker, has launched advertising campaign for its Athenos products. It is the first-ever brand’s ad campaign. Campaign features Yiayias, or Greek grandmothers, and their no-nonsense, unsolicited opinions of the world. The ads are targeted at women in their 20s.

The first spot of the campaign shows a Greek grandmother (Yiayia) telling her grandaughter she dresses like a “prostitute”. .” While Granny doesn’t approve of her granddaughter’s attire, she does approve of one thing: the brand of Greek hummus the young woman is serving — Athenos.

In another spot, Grandma tells her granddaughter that she’s “going to hell” for living with a guy to whom she’s not married.

The third spot include Yia-yia’s view on Parenting.

According to USA Today, Maria Anagnostopoulos, program director at The Greek Institute, a non-profit cultural centre, said, that “These commercials are not appropriate from a Greek perspective.” She wants them pulled.

But Kraft executives say they have no such plans. “While these ads may be controversial, for the most part people will see them for the light-hearted fun they are having,” says Jill Baskin, director of advertising.

Droga5 CEO Andrew Essex said, “Consumers are clearly ready for a fresh voice in the category, and that requires communications that differentiate the brand in a genuinely fun way. We’re convinced people will want to be part of this campaign, and we are thrilled to be working with a company so willing to push creative boundaries.”

Full Credits:
Agency: Droga 5
Client: Athenos
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Executive Creative Director: Ted Royer
ACD/Copywriter: Scott Ginsberg
ACD/Art Director: January Vernon
Head of Integrated Production: Sally-Ann Dale
Senior Producer: Scott Chinn
Head of Strategy: Jonny Bauer
Strategic Planner: Vaughn Allen
Production Company: Park Pictures
Director: Alison MacLean
Director of Photography: Tico Poulakakis
Executive Producer: Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Producer: Cody Ryder
Greek Production Company: Central Athens
Editorial Company: Beast
Editor: Jim Ulbrich
Assistant: Jai Shukla
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Krajewski
Sound: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Tom Jucarone

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  1. Sultry at 5:04 PM

    OMG! I saw two commercials last night for the first time. I just about fell in the floor laughing. The commercial hits home for all of us that have a relative, or know someone exactly like Yiayia. Doesn’t matter if we are Greek or not, Yiayia is speaking the truth. ROFL, Sometimes the truth hurts, and sometimes the truth is downright hilarious. For those who can’t handle the truth well nobody cares. Kids speak the truth all the time. Art Linkletter made a living off Kids speaking the truth.

  2. Lina at 3:12 PM

    I really don’t understand why Ms Anagnostopoulos of the Greek Institute is so touchy! Not only are the TV commercials funny, they clearly illustrate real people, well perhaps not only Greeks, but people who exist and express those opinions to this day. And there are definitely a lot of Greek grandmothers who think this way

    Kudos to Kraft Foods for this campaign! I love it!

  3. Lewis at 1:40 AM

    Yia Yia is so cool a lol lol blast keep her on dont let any one push you guys around that ad is a gas go kraft.

  4. Crystal at 2:09 AM

    Yeah to Kraft food and Yeah to Yia Yia they are so funny ! Keep up the good work !

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