Astral Commercial: Grandma

Astral Commercial: Grandma

Astral and Canada’s advertising agency BCP have made this funny short commercial entitled “Grandma”.

The video takes place at the family dinner table. The respectable family is having a nice time together – simple but noble. Suddenly, grandma announces that she sold everything. The house, the country cottage, even her dead husband’s car collection. Everyone is stunned in amazement. Why? She is going on tour! Tomorrow! And there is something exotic about this announcement. Watch it yourselves.

Astral is a leading media company from Canada. It reaches people through television, radio, advertising and digital media.

Watch the funny video and have a good laugh.


Advertising Agency: BCP, Canada
Strategic planning: Alain Bergeron, Michel Mergaerts
Account Supervisor: Nataly Lemyre
Creative Director / Copywriter: Étienne Bastien
Creative / Art Director: Jonathan Rouxel
Digital Production: Carole Beauchamp
Print Production: Frédérique Bissonnet
Digital Imaging: Marc Bilodeau, Maxime England
Television production house: Cinélande
Director: Jean-Michel Ravon
Photo Director: Steve Danyluk
Producer: Geneviève Cayer
Music: Apollo
Scoring: Sonart

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