Ariel Prints: Dine Dangerously

Ariel Prints: Dine Dangerously

Ariel and advertising agency Beacon Communications/Leo Burnett Company from Japan have released these three funny prints.

Lighthearted images suggest to dine dangerously and not to wary about the stains. Because, Ariel is able to deal with them. Therefore, creatives arrived with these brilliant pictures, which present clothes as the dishes for these amazing courses.

See the prints below and share your opinion about them.





Agency: Beacon Communications, Leo Burnett Company, Japan
Executive Creative Director: Jon King
Creative Directors: Keizo Mugita, Shuji Matsumura
Associate CD / Copywriter: Minoru Hongo
Senior Art Director: Norihiro Sasa
Agency Producers: Kozo Nagashima, Makiko Okada
Photographer: Fumio Doi
Retoucher: Sunao Sakurai
Designers: Chizuru Horikawa, Yuichiro Yoshino
Stylist: Masato Okamura
Ceramics Artist: Yasuko Hasegawa
Food Stylist: Asako Kijima
Printing: Toshifumi Narui

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