ARCO Commercial: Pumpimg with Confidence

ARCO Commercial: Pumpimg with Confidence

ARCO and advertising agency OgilvyWest have made this short commercial, that has a hilarious title „Pumpimg with Confidence“.

The video features people, pumping with confidence at the gas station. Are you pumping with confidence? If not, maybe you should try the ARCO services, that will serve you with high quality gas. This subtle irony is hard to grasp at first, but finally it really makes you pump. Sorry, laugh.

Watch the video, pump it and enjoy.


Client: ARCO
Advertising Agency: OgilvyWest
Chief Creative Officer: Bill Wright
Chief Creative Officer: James Dawson-Hollis
Art Director: Euan Au
Copywriter: Brock Johnson
Senior Producer: Cindi Blondell
Group Account Director: Evelyn Borgatta
Account Supervisor: Florence Pique-Monnier

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