Applegate Commercials: Preservatives

Applegate Commercials: Preservatives

Applegate Farms and advertising agency Taxi from New York have released a new campaign recently.

The videos feature men, dressed as cows. They are shopping as they bump into the ladies, who are looking for natural meat. However, these animals are not good candidates to become hot dogs. Did you know that in most of the farms cows are fed with hormones and preservatives? The campaign is really funny and raises awareness about our food.

Watch the campaign and share your opinion about it with us.


Agency: Taxi, New York, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Stephen Leps, Michael Pierantozzi
Copywriter: Daniel Ahern
Art Director: Didima Arrieta-Martinez
Agency Producer: Joyce Lee
Production House: Station Film
Director: Brendan Gibbons
Executive Producer: Thomas Rossano
Line Producer: Aaron Canto
Editing House: Cutting Room
Editor: Brian Sanford
Editorial Producer: Melissa Lubin

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