Applegate Commercial: Mooscles

Applegate Commercial: Mooscles

Applegate and advertising agency TAXI New York have made this funny short video entitled “Mooscles”.

The video features a concerned meat consumer and an interviewee – a muscled man playing a cow. It may seem ridiculous, but the problem is really serious. The women asks if cow uses hormones. Although the cow negates it, lady is still suspicious. Just look at those muscles, that is not normal!

Applegate promotes its production as natural. The brand states, that they provide organic meats, grown naturally and ecologically.

Watch the video and share your opinion about it with us.


Client: Applegate
Agency: TAXI New York
ECD: Dave Clemans
CD: Michael Pierantozzi
Director: Brendan Gibbons
Production Company: Station Film

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  1. Fuqua at 3:26 AM

    First of all this is clever!!!! Honestly, I was in a depression. And (though the topic is serious), this made me laugh out loud.
    I’m interested in knowing the names of both actors in this commercial.
    The lady did an excellent job.
    And just looking at the actor playing the part of the cow…GENIUS!!!!

    But, the funny thing is…he is REALLY buff! So, should we read between the lines of the “needle” stuck in his arm?

    I know I did. GENIUS!!!!!!!! kUdOs!!!

  2. Sharon McCubbin at 12:22 AM

    My husband and I stop and watch this commercial every time that it comes on. The guy (cow) is perfect. He has a wonderful demeanor. Is he an actor generally or basically a bodybuilder who got cast for this commercial? What is his name? At any rate, you really lucked out with this commercial – the woman is really good as well.

  3. ray winkler at 7:41 PM

    Who is the actress in the Applegate hot dog TV ad called mooscles?

  4. Cindy Towne at 4:04 AM

    My husband absolutely hates commercials but stops and watches these 2 commercials every time. A funny thing, I started buying Applegate hot dogs because they were natural (I won’t eat hotdogs otherwise). My husband would just buy and eat the cheapest brand out there (yuck). NOW, he will, only eat Applegate hotdogs. He said the taste is absolutely the best and he’s right!

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