Applebee’s Campaign: Productivity

Applebee’s Campaign: Productivity

Applebee’s and advertising agency CP+B from Los Angeles have released a new funny campaign recently.

The videos below promote various sandwiches at Applebee’s. They certainly improve your productivity. Not necessary the quality of you work though. See how people find themselves working in an extremely fast pace. And even if their results aren’t really good, they will definitely have a better afternoon, as the brand promises.

Watch the videos and have a good laugh.


Agency: CP+B, Los Angeles, USA
Executive Creative Director: Jason Gaboriau
Creative Directors: Robin Fitzgerald, Cameron Harris
Associate Creative Directors: Alexandra Sann, Gerard Seifert
Art Director: Daniel Shapiro
Designer: Brian Magner
Production Company: Imperial Woodpecker
Director: Peter Martin
Editorial: Cut + Run

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