Apple’s Macintosh “1984” (“Big Brother”) commercial remake from DoubleTwist

Apple’s Macintosh “1984” (“Big Brother”) commercial remake from DoubleTwist

Steve Jobs - Apple domination

What a difference 25 years can make. DoubleTwist is a company, which makes software that lets you use iTunes seamlessly with other devices. They’ve just unveiled their new commercial that’s nearly a shot-for-shot remake of the famous 1984 Big Brother Macintosh commercial. However, this time Apple is the evil empire and Steve Jobs is the ruthless master commanding that “no other choices shall distract from our glory”. The ad closes with the promise that “on October 6th, doubleTwist brings you Choice”. According to the company’s representatives, a major new release will be coming out that day for Mac users (a week later for Windows), but said that the new feature they’re unveiling is a surprise.

This insn’t the first DoubleTwist’s action against Apple. In June DoubleTwist purchased ad space for one side of San Francisco’s flagship Apple Store that invited passersby to “try The Cure for iPhone Envy”, that could put your iTunes library on any device.

As today we have the October 6th waiting for more to happen soon 😉

Here you can find the original Apple Macintosh 1984 commercial.

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