Apple iPhone 4S Commercials: Life and Joke

Apple iPhone 4S Commercials: Life and Joke

Apple iPhone Siri launches two brand new commercials from its amazing Hollywood star campaign.

This time the advertisement features John Malkovich. In the first video below, titled „Life“, the incredibly talented actor gets philosophical with Siri. As you know, Siri, if asked, can give you the directions, the appointments and other things, that you need to know. This time, Mr. Malkovich asks what Siri knows about life. Be nice to people, read a good book, try to live in peace with everybody – it is only a few things the smartphone suggests. The actor is pleasantly surprised.

The second video is titled „Joke“. When asked to tell a joke, Siri says: „Two iPhones walk into a bar. I forgot the rest“. Mr. Malkovich giggles. „That’s a good joke“. „Was it something I said?“, Siri asks. „Yes, it was“.

It is really nice for such a big company to launch funny advertisements. Watch it and enjoy.


Agency: TBWA/Media Arts Lab
Client: Apple
Executive Creative Director: Eric Grunbaum
Executive Creative Director: Scott Trattner

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