Andes Commercial: Martha

Andes Commercial: Martha

Andes and advertising agency Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi have released this funny commercial lately.

The spot features a man, who has been left by his wife Martha. Now he has to live in a yard and she wouldn’t even let him use a shower. She is like a hurricane. Therefore, the conclusion: hurricanes are usually named after the women, because they leave nothing after themselves once they leave. But there is something they cannot take – friends. Also watch the previous ad from the campaign.

Watch the spot and share your opinion about it with us.


Agency: Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Maxi Itzkoff, Mariano Serkin
Creative Directors: Ariel Serkin, Juan Pablo Lufrano
Creatives: Daniel Minaker, Sebastian Tarazaga, Lucas Bongioanni, Javier Agena Goya
Agency Producers: Adrian Aspani, Camilo Rojas, Lucas Delenikas, Felipe Calviño
Production Company: Rebolucion
Directors: Armando Bo, Andres Salmoyraghi
Executive Producers: Patricio Alvarez Casado, Ezequiel Ortiz
Music: Violeta Musica
Advertiser’s Supervisors: Ricky Fernandez, Juan Zarattini, Matías Mediña

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