Amstel Commercial: The Boxer

Amstel Commercial: The Boxer

Amstel and advertising agency OwenKessel have launched this amazing video about the value of patience, entitled „The Boxer“.

The video tells the story of a boxer Thapelo ‘Tick Tock’ Mokoena. When he was young, he was a promising athlete. However, he was also impatient. Therefore, he lost big. He had to take a job. But with the help of community he got back his confidence and skill. All he needed was to take time.

Watch the inspiring video and tell us if you enjoyed it.


Advertising Agency: OwenKessel, USA
Executive Creative Director: Donovan Bryan
Creative Director / Copywriter: Mike Cook
Art Director: Martin Sing
Production Company: Velocity Films
Director: Greg Gray
Editor: Ricky Boyd / Deliverance

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