Amnesty International Campaign: Ink

Amnesty International Campaign: Ink

Amnesty International and director Cyrille de Vignemont made this shocking video raising our awareness about the campaign.

The video features an officer and a prisoner. The officer is using his superiority, beats the prisoner and disregards the human rights. Suddenly he is struck by a strong stream of ink. The title in the video says: Your signature is more powerful than you think. Therefore you are being asked to participate in AI campaigns.

AI is a worldwide organization which raises our awareness and protects the human rights.

Watch the video and tell us what you think about it.


Director : Cyrille de Vignemont
Dop : Nicolas Loir
Editor : Marc Maborough
Production manager : Yannis Cullaz
creative directors : Remy Holden and Remy Noel
Copywriter : Arnaud Labille
Art Director : Frederic Durand
Agency Producer : Amer Zoghbi
Sound : ELSE
Post Production : Wanda / Vanessa Koscianski

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