AMC Commercial: Put Zombies Back

AMC Commercial: Put Zombies Back

AMC and advertising agency Thinkmodo have released this video, documenting the really extreme public provocation.

The channel wondered, if zombies could live among normal people. Creatives have transformed couple of actors into scary monsters and let them out to the streets of New York City. The passengers were terrified! All the fear and reactions are put in the video.

The ad is a result of the AMC’s dispute with Dish Network about the show „The Walking Dead“. The campaign suggests to put zombies back on TV.

Watch the video and share your opinion about it.


Agency: Thinkmodo
Client: AMC
Creative Director: James Percelay
Creative Director: Michael Krivicka
Camera: Matt Cady
Camera: Craig Feldman
Makeup: Sue Lee, Gotham FX

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