Ambrosia Commercial: Picnic

Ambrosia Commercial: Picnic

Premier Foods has launched a new campaign for Ambrosia brand, including this funny commercial from Dare.

The spot takes place at the countryside where the weather is clean and fresh so it is perfect to chill out and have a picnic. The commercial also features faced picnic staples, who suddenly gets freaked out about the new Ambrosia Rice Snack Pot.

The advertisement is really funny. It was created by using a sophisticated prosthetics which made the faces look very natural and integrated with the objects.

Watch this ad and tell us what you think about it.


Client: Premier Foods
Product: Ambrosia Rice Snack Pots
Title of Ad: Picnic
Agency: Dare
Creative Team: Danny Hunt, Gavin Torrance
Executive Creative Director: Danny Brooke-Taylor
Agency TV Producer: Rebecca O’ Sullivan
Director: The Perlorian
Production Company Producer: Claire Jones
Production Company: Blink
Editing House/Editor: Trim
Post Production: Electric Theatre Collective
Recording Studio: Wave Studios

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