Allan Gray Investment Commercial: Legend

Allan Gray Investment Commercial: Legend

From concept to completion the new Allan Gray commercial was just over fourteen months in the making. A massive feat that took a combined team of well over a hundred and sixty people, not including extras.

The commercial, Legend, asks us to consider the possibilities of a legend like James Dean had he been given more time. What would he have achieved? How might he have benefited society?

The ad illustrates the importance of time in allowing potential to unfold. Both in life and in investing. Like its predecessor Beautiful, it demonstrates the theme of long-term investing, but this time focuses on the investor as an integral part of investing success. Using the tragedy of Deans early demise as an analogy, the ad suggests that not giving an investment time to mature is equally tragic.

Time is an essential ingredient in creating wealth, says Allan Grays marketing manager Tracy Hirst. We can do a lot for investors, but only if they partner us by giving us their time and staying invested for the long term. In the absence of time, value is destroyed.

Released: September 2009
Advertiser: Allan Gray Investments
Agency: King James

Agency: King James
Executive Creative Director: Alistair King
Copywriter: Paige Nick
Art Director: Karin Barry-McCormack
Agency Producer: Caz Friedman
Director: Keith Rose
Executive Producer: Barry Munchick, Peter Carr, Nicola Valentine
Producer: Grant Davies
Director of Photography: Keith Rose
Editor: Ricky Boyd
Editing Company: Deliverance
Producer: Paula Raphael
Head Flame Artist: Marco Raposa de Barbosa
Post Company: Black Ginger
Flame Artist: Eddie Addinall
Matte Paintings: Rob Muir
Rotoscoping: Ashley Ryan, Angelo Beceiro Collinicos
Post Producer: Tracy-Lee Portnoi
Music: Stefan Nilsson, Theo Crous
Sound Design: Barry Donnelly

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