AICP Show Commercial: The Creative Process

AICP Show Commercial: The Creative Process

AICP Show 2012 and VCU Brandcenter creatives have launched a funny advertisement promoting the 21st annual show.

The funny commercial documents the creativity process starting from the ancient Egypt art. The voice over the camera is telling the story about what fears and problems artists had to face in order to create their art. The fear of a blank sheet, a terrible draft – these and others are the eternal accompany of a creativity process. The same is with the advertising business.

Watch the funny cartooned video and tell your opinion about it.


Advertising Agency: VCU Brandcenter, USA
Creative Director: Rick Boyko
Art Directors: Kevin Weir, Marybeth Ledesma, Van Gould
Copywriter: David Satterfield
Interactive Designer + UX: Claiborne S. Buckingham

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