AIAIAI Headphones Prints: Get Inside Your Music

AIAIAI Headphones Prints: Get Inside Your Music

AIAIAI Headphones and advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather Advertising from Hong Kong have made these incredible prints.

The pictures promote headphones, that suppose to perfectly recreate the sound. The title says: get inside your music. Therefore, you can recognize these music videos represented in the images: The White Stripes „Seven Nation Army“, The Radiohead „No Surprises“ and Woodkid „Iron“.

See the prints below and tell us if you liked them.





Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Hong Kong
Executive Creative Directors: Simon Handford, Sandy Chan
Creative Director: Alvin Lim
Art Directors: Alvin Lim, Sonny Tjahjadi
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Richard Sorensen
Visual Effects: T-Films
Client Team Director: Tak Chi Lee
Strategist: Tem Hansen
Photographer: Connie Hong
Retoucher: Pohin
Retoucher: Rudy Harianto
Account team: Paul Lam

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