Adopt US Kids Videos: Mom and Dad

Adopt US Kids Videos: Mom and Dad

Adopt US Kids and advertising agency kbs+p have released series of funny videos, encouraging to take care of the kids.

The first video features a caring mother, who tries to protect her children on a beach. And the second video features an outgoing dad, who has gone camping with his boys. However, everything turned a little bit different than the parents have planned. Nevertheless, it does not make them bad parents.

See the video and share your opinion about them.


Agency: kbs+p, New York, USA
Creative Director: Will Bright
Art Director: Chad O’Connell
Copywriter: Fabian Grateroles
President / Co-Chief Creative Officer: Ed Brojerdi
Co-Chief Creative Officer: Izzy DeBellis
Agency Producer: Dennis McKinley
Director Integrated Content Production: Dominic Ferro
Executive Content Business Affairs Manager: Andrea Fagan
Chief Integration Officer: David Jenkins
Agency Account Supervisor: Gabriela Benitez
Agency Account Director: Tanisha Abernathy
Production Company: Station Films
Director: Scott Corbett
Line Producer: Elizabeth Amaral
Executive Producer: Tom Rossano
Cinematographer: Jeff Venditti
Editing Facility: Cut + Run
Editor: Joel Miller

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