Adidas Benelux Video: Private Party

Adidas Benelux Video: Private Party

Adidas Benelux and advertising agency Iris from Amsterdam have launched this funny video, documenting the real campaign for football fans.

One casual day, football lovers came to a shop to buy a T-Shirt with their favorite team’s – Ajax – brand. And suddenly they found themselves in a private party with Ajax players! Can you imagine the surprise and amazement of them? Some of them might not forget it for a long time. And for us it is funny to watch their reactions.

However, the Daily Mail questioned the ethics of this campaign: was it ok to spy on people in the changing room? What do you think?

Watch this video and share your opinion with us.


Advertising Agency: Iris Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Production: Fixers Promotion
Film: Wenneker
PR / Social: TBWA\Busted

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