ADDY Commercial: Baby Casting

ADDY Commercial: Baby Casting

ADDY 2012 has launched a funny video celebrating the commercial festival and awards.

The video features a creative director who goes through a pile of the babies pictures. He loudly makes opinionated remarks on those babies’ looks. Well, this is not surprising because to cast an actor is a real deal – you cannot make no mistakes. So he rejects one photo after another remarking on fat arms, stupid looks, too fat… He is just not seeing the “it” factor. The hilarious part is that he is sitting in the adoption center. “What is wrong with you?”, the center’s worker asks.

The video announces: When you work in advertising, you’re obsessed with advertising. Luckily, obsession has its place at the 2012 Dallas’s ADDY.

Watch the funny video and have a good laugh.


Client: ADDY
Advertising Agency: TM Advertising, USA
Group Creative Directors: Shep Kellam, Bernard Park
Digital Creative Director: James Helms
Senior Copywriter: Krista Hogg
Copywriter: Courtney Pulver
Art Director: Ryan Beals
Director of Broadcast Production: Hal Dantzler
Sr. Broadcast Producer: Stephanie Murdoch
Production Company: Liberal Media Films
Executive Producer: Lola Lott
Director: Jeremy Bartel
Director of Photography: Jason Burks
Line Producer: Jessica Cramer
Post Production Company: charlieuniformtango
Executive Producer: Lola Lott
Executive Producer: Mary Alice Butler
Editors: Travis Aitken, Alex Campos, Deedle Lacour
Audio Engineer: Jake Kluge
VFX Artists / Online: Allen Robbins, Nicole Brieger
Aired: February 2012

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