Adam Buxton Video: Party Pom Pom

Adam Buxton Video: Party Pom Pom

Director Dougal Wilson has collaborated with production company Colonel Blimp and released this hilarious video that you must see.

It is the promotional ad for Adam Buxton’s show. It is eight series show, that is directed by a different director every time. It includes music promos, web videos and other creative, weird stuff. This particular ad features kids and Adam, turned into one of them, as well. The amusing song is being played, while the group causes a nightmare for parents.

Watch the funny video and have a good laugh.


Director: Dougal Wilson
Production Company: Colonel Blimp
Producer: Ben Link
Director of Photography: Justin Brown
Editor: Ed Cheesman @ Final Cut
VFX Producer: Sam Davidson
VFX Supervisor: Stirling Archibald
Colourist: George K

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