AD Council Commercial: GED Pep Talk

AD Council Commercial: GED Pep Talk

DDB has just rolled out a new campaign for PSA’s pep talks.

The campaign is suppose to motivate people to get their GED as it is required for the job. Though lots of Americans do not have it. In the video below we can see famous people on the line giving their support for those in need. Pep talk center has 13 different voices to choose, including Alfred Molina, Ron Perlman, Danny Trejo, Wendy Raquel, DMC, Debra Jo Rupp and others.

According to Jon Ellis, executive producer of Digital: “The essence of the idea is that everyone needs a different level of push to get into their GED. The trick was to pick celebrities at the extremes of the scale so that just by seeing them you’ll know what kind of push you’re going to get.”

Watch the video and tell us what you think about this idea.


Agency – DDB Chicago
Chief Creative Officer : Ewan Paterson
Creative Director : Alex Zamiar
Creative Director: Jonathan Richman
Creative Director/AD/CW: Matt Collier
Creative Director/AD/CW: Wayne Robinson
Executive Producer: Scott Kemper
Executive Digital Producer: Jon Ellis
Producer: Shanae’ Diewold
Graphic Designer: Lindsey Stuart
Executive Producer of Music and Integration :Eric Johnson
Associate Music Producer : Jocelyn Brown
Director/Production Company – Jesse Dylan/Wondros Films
Editor/Post House – Grant Gustafson/Jaime Valdueza (Spanish version). Cutters Editorial
Interactive Development – picnic new media
Color correction/finishing – Filmworkers
Music – Hum Music

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