AC Camargo Commercial: The Running Finger

AC Camargo Commercial: The Running Finger

Ac Camargo Hospital in Brazil collaborated with the Cancer Center in Latin America and launched a funny advertisement. It was created by JWT agency.

The commercial features men, wearing white underwear clothes, running in the beach. It seems as if they would run from something terrifying, because they would turn around and look frightened of what they see. The horrible Running Finger is chasing them. The video promotes prostate test for those over 40.

The commercial is beautifully shot yet hilarious. The issue is not funny at all though. More men all around the world are being encouraged not to avoid the procedure and take a good care of themselves.

Watch this ad and tell us what you think about this kind of encouragement.


Advertising Agency: JWT, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Roberto Fernandez, Ricardo John
Creative Directors: Andrea Siqueira, Rinaldo Ferrarezzi
Copywriters: Andre Pallu, Andrea Siqueira
Art Directors: Fábio Santoro, Rafael Borges, Rinaldo Ferrarezzi
Art Buyers / RTV: Renata Sayão, Paula Ferrari
Producer: BossaNovaFilms
Film Directors: Willy + Ale
Account Management: Fernanda Antonelli, Luciana Rodrigues, Yves Rodrigues
Media: Ezra Geld, Aline Moda, Najela Claro
Planning: Fernand Alphen, Leandro Thot
Graphic Production: Flavio Schaefer, Flavio Collela, Maíra Chinaglia
Client Approval: Irlau Machado, Adriana Braga, Melina Gubser

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