ABTO Commercial: Soul

ABTO Commercial: Soul

ABTO – the Organ Transplant Association – and creative agency DDB from Brazil rolled out a new commercial promoting to become an organ donor.

The video is a wonderful, mystic and quite dark experience. The music of a fantastic beauty plays in the background. The cartoon and the voice behind the camera tell the story about the afterlife. They say that soul does not die, it goes through the land of the dead. It stays there or is embodied into the new life on Earth.  The soul travels, but the body stays here. Despite our beliefs, we can all be organ donors.

Watch this commercial and tell what you think of it.


Advertising Agency: DDB, Brazil
Creative Directors: Sergio Valente, Marco Versolato, Luciano Lincoln, Wilson Mateos, Guilherme Jahara
Creatives: Estêvão Queiroga, Daniel Ottoni, Fábio Benedetto
Art Directors: Daniel Ottoni
Copywriter: Estêvão Queiroga
Media: Patricia Muratori, Patrica Rosa, Marcelo Estevão
RTVC: Gilbinha Pires, Juliana Tangary
Account Supervisor: Maristela Correa, Tânia Pena, Caroline Pintarelli
Approved by: Dr. José Omar Medina
Animation Producer: Ink Animações
Sound Producer: Fábrica Sonora

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