AAMCO Commercial: Trust

AAMCO Commercial: Trust

AAMCO has collaborated with a Qorvis Communications creative agency and launched this funny video entitled “Trust”.

The video puts trust into a question. Would you trust anyone to sit in your cubicle, hug your mom or be a massage therapist? You surely would not. And the ad shows why you would be right. But you can trust AAMCO – they can do it all. The organization celebrates its 50th anniversary and encourages you to work with them.

Watch the video and share your opinion about it.


Advertising Agency: Qorvis Communications, USA
Creative Director: Cassie Elliot
Sr. Art Director: Lara Oliveira
Prod Co: Backyard Productions
Director: Rob Pritts
DP: Florian Stadler
EP: Kris Mathur
Producer: Kevin Sharpton
Editorial Co: Golden Entertainment
Editor: Gary Gannon
DIT / Colorist: Stephen Latty
Sound Mixer: Janet Urban

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  1. Michael Laird at 11:10 PM

    Any company that would even consider using a commercial as stupid as this will NEVER get any of my business !! Every time this comes on I MUTE the tv. DUMB DUMB DUMB !!

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