AAA NCNU Insurance Exchange Commercials: Accident Rewind Button

AAA NCNU Insurance Exchange Commercials: Accident Rewind Button

AAA NCNU Insurance Exchange and advertising agency Eleven from San Francisco have launched a brand new campaign recently.

The first video features a dad, whose attention is interrupted by his little son’s incredible break dance. Of course the guy hits his mailbox. In the second ad, a bad beaver tries to kill a family in a car. However, there is a magic accident rewind button, which saves the drivers. Or at least they would like to have such a button.

Watch the videos and have a good laugh.


Agency: Eleven, San Francisco, CA, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Mike McKay
Creative Director: Ted Bluey
Copywriter: Aryan Aminzadeh
Art Director: Sara Worthington
Head of Integrated Production / Producer: Anastacia Maggioncalda
Radio Producer: Lana Burstein
OOH Producer: Mary Pestell
Group Business Director: Rob Garnett
Management Supervisor: Leslie Matteucci
Account Manager: Libby Dunn
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Stuart McDonald
Executive Producers: Andy Traines, Tracy Mays
Producer: Wayne Carmona
Editorial Company: ARCADE Edit/LA
Editor: Christjan Jordan
Assistant Editor: Laura Sanford
Producer: Kirsten Thon-Webb
Audio Record / Mix: [email protected]
Engineer: Matt Wood
Sound Design Company: MitOutSound
Sound Designer: Ren Klyce
Sound Design Producer: Misa Kageyama
Visual Effects Design Company: Luma
Creative Director: Simon Mowbray
Producer: Vicki Mayer

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  1. julie taylor at 10:06 PM

    pretty funny stuff.

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