A1 Sauce Campaign: Same Siders

A1 Sauce Campaign: Same Siders

A1 Sauce and advertising agency CP+B from Los Angeles have released this new funny campaign recently.

The videos feature people, who might be slightly different than yourself. They might like different jokes and have various unexpected preferences. However, they use A1 Sauce, which incidentally goes with everything. See how the creatives have used the so called outsiders to promote the product.

Watch the videos and have a good laugh.

Agency: CP+B, Los Angeles, USA
Executive Creative Director: Jason Gaboriau
Creative Director: Robin Fitzgerald
Associate Creative Directors: Mike Kohlbecker, Dafna Garber
Director of Video Production: Kate Hildebrant
EXxecutive Integrated Producer: Deb Drumm
Production Company: Radical Media
Director: Steve Miller

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