66°NORTH Commercial: Jacket

66°NORTH Commercial: Jacket

66°NORTH and advertising agency Grabarz & Partner from Hamburg have made this extraodinary commercial.

The spot takes place in Iceland. A guy is going to a bus station and he is freezing. He meets another fella at the station. As he tries to make an eye contact with him, he finds out that there is a deep black hole instead of a face. The ending is so surprising and hilarious.

Watch the spot and have a good laugh.


Agency: Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Ralf Heuel
Creative Directors: Andre Price, Jan-Florian Ege
Designer: Sönke Jansen
Copywriters: Andre Price, Jan-Florian Ege
Account Managers: Thomas Eickhoff, Denise Ewald
Production: Moving Images Judith Uhrlau
Filmproduction: *CZAR*
Director: Reynir Lyngdal
International Executive Producer: Jan Fincke
Executive Producer: Einar Sveinn Þórðarson
International Producer: Niko Maronn
Producer: Valdimar Ármann
Art Direction: Egil Viðarsson
DoP: Ásgrímur Ásgrímur Guðbjartsson
Postproduction: Harvest Digital Agriculture
Sounddesign&komposition: The German Wahnsinn Team
Sounddesigner: Philipp Feit

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