3M Print Ads: Find Your Way

3M Print Ads: Find Your Way

3M Post-It Flags and DDB from Singapore launched this amazing print campaign.

It includes three different print ads. It represents a forest, city and sea at night. The trees, buildings and waves are made of paper pages. Moreover, they are made of books. The black and white gives it a mystic and silent atmosphere. It is so simple but the result is stunning. A very beautiful campaign.

The advertisement even won a Silver Pencil Newspaper/Full Page at the 2012 One Show Awards. They are definitely worth it.

Take a look at the prints below.





Agency: DDB Singapore
Creative officer: Neil Johnson
Executive creative director: Joji Jacob
Creative director: Thomas Yang
Copywriter: Pradeep D’Souza
Art director: Trevor Lim
Photographer: Jeremy Wong, Nemesis Pictures
Account supervisor: Rowena Bhagchandani
Retoucher: Teo Lay Leng, Miracle Factory

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